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Skara Domkyrka

Skara Cathedral is a cathedral with both a long and exciting history and a rich service life. The cathedral still forms the center of the medieval town of Skara, surrounded by several other historic buildings. Skara diocese is Sweden's oldest. It was here that Christianity first took hold. Among other things, depending on its geographical location, Västergötland had early contact with missionaries primarily from England.

The fact that Skara was chosen as the episcopal seat of the diocese was probably due to the fact that the place had no prehistory as a place of worship or a royal court. In the Middle Ages, Skara became not only the central location for the church, but also for the royal power. At the time, the town was a "big city" with around 900 inhabitants.


A young student, referred to as a "djäkne," walks with determination through Krabbelund. He is clad in the type of uniform still donned by the choir MV (Musikens Vänner, established by Gunnar Wennerberg) during their performances. In his hand, he holds a skylark, symbolizing the singing djäkne. The Skara Djäknarnas Förening had the piece erected for the city's 1000th-anniversary celebration in 1988.

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